Multiple Primary Enrollments within CALPADS

Submission: SENR
Status: Active
Severity: Warning
Input Validation: N/A
Data Discrepancy: X




Student primary enrollment submission overlaps an existing primary enrollment for the same student in another LEA. This submission will create a concurrent enrollment anomaly.

Primary Enrollments are defined as: - Enrollment Status = “10” (Primary); - Enrollment Status = “30” (Short Term), and the enrollment period exceeds 30 days; Note: Enrollments with a N470 (NoShowOther) exit and a Enrollment Exit Date equal to or one day prior to the Enrollment Start Date are NOT considered Primary Enrollments.


  • 1.22 - Enrollment Start Date
  • 1.23 - Enrollment Status Code


Understanding Error:

The batch SENR file or online submission contains an enrollment record with the enrollment status of "Primary (10)." This enrollment record overlaps an existing primary enrollment record contained in CALPADS ODS for another LEA. This warning is produced because this submission will produce a CCE anomaly.

Things to check for: Verify that the fields listed in the Fields Validated column are correct in the submitted file.

Suggested Resolution:

1) If one or more of the Fields Validated is incorrect, correct the data. OR 2) Confirm that the SSID belongs to the student being enrolled. If the SSID is not correct for the student being enrolled, obtain and enter the correct SSID. OR 3) Contact the other LEA to determine if the SSID is still enrolled in the other school. If not, request that the other LEA submit an enrollment update to exit the SSID from the existing enrollment with an exit date that occurs before the start date of the enrollment in your LEA. Then submit the new enrollment. If yes, suggest that the other LEA evaluate the enrollment using options 1 and 2 for an existing enrollment. OR 4) For more information, refer to "CALPADS SSID and Enrollment Procedures" document available at




4/26/10 - Error will also trigger when submitted start date = ODS start date (7/19/10 - Now SENR0037 will trigger in this situation)

7/19/10 - Validation expanded to check closed primary enrollment records.



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