Welcome LEA-level Users

Welcome to CALPADS. This primer will provide you the necessary tools in navigating through the CALPADS system and the different reporting requirements for which you are expected to comply.

Where Do I Start?

You will need to have access to CALPADS. If you are the designated CALPADS LEA Admin, request for an LEA Admin user account can be made by sending an email to calpads-support@cde.ca.gov. Once the ticket is received, the CDE will contact you shortly with the application and instructions. Each Local Education Agency is allowed to have up to two LEA Admin user accounts. For LEA staff members needing a regular account, please contact your designated LEA Admin person. They are responsible for creating a CALPADS account.

How Do I Connect to CALPADS?

Once you have received your CALPADS access, you may log in here: https://www.calpads.org. Upon logging in, for LEA Admin users, please check that all necessary user roles have been assigned to your account. For first-time LEA Administrators needing additional login instructions, click here.

For regular LEA staff, please coordinate with your LEA Admin on the level of access and functionality assigned to your account.

LEA Level Account Roles

LEA Admin level accounts will be created by CDE and will be under the LEA organization type. By default, only the LEA Administrator role is assigned by CDE. It is the LEA Admins responsibility to add the unassigned available roles to the account. Please refer to the User Roles table for a description of all the different available roles.

How Do I Stay Informed?

CALPADS Listserv

You will want to subscribe to the CALPADS list serve, which is the CDE's primary method of communicating CALPADS related information such as deadlines, functionality, training, among other topics.

Subscribe here: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/sp/cl/listservs.asp

How Do I Get Training?


Bridge Account Request

The next important step is to sign up for a CALPADS Bridge account for training. Up to two LEA users are allowed access to the site. CALPADS Learning contains required self-paced classes, course programs and access to register for live training classes.

Please go to the CSIS/FCMAT website and follow the instructions in the image below for the steps in requesting an account.

requesting bridge account

Bridge Training for LEAs

Once you are provided a bridge account, log in to Bridge. Please watch the required training courses. You may also take the all available self-paced sessions that can be paused, rewound, etc. You may also register for live training courses that may be offered for LEA users in the future. Due to the limited user access available at this time, it is expected that any knowledge and materials available is shared to other personnel.

CSIS YouTube Channel

FCMAT/CSIS provides self-paced videos via YouTube that allow any user to view training presentations at their own pace. You may click on the logo above to visit our channel. Please subscribe to get notifications for new training videos.

CSIS YouTube


FCMAT/CSIS offers weekly CALPADS Q&A webinars on Wednesdays at 3 PM. There are knowledgeable client services as well as CDE staff available to answer your questions live via a zoom session. You can access zoom session from the CSIS support page.

Which training do I start with first?

Training Sequence graphic

CALPADS Orientation, & Basics Training

We strongly recommend that you first start with the CALPADS Orientation session modules to become familiar with CALPADS and various submissions at a high level. You can then proceed with with the CALPADS Basics session to learn how to navigate around CALPADS, manage accounts, and generate reports and extracts etc. For data compliance reporting refer to the respective Data Population as well as Reports and Certification playlist for each submission period.

Where is the CALPADS Documentation Located?

The following resource links are essential to provide additional information regarding the operation and data submission requirements of CALPADS.

System Documentation

The following documents provide additional information regarding the operation and data submission requirements of CALPADS:

LEA Level Report Mapping Guide

This page will help LEA - level users navigate through the nuances of each CALPADS LEA level reports.

Current Known Issues List

This document lists the most current defects in CALPADS.

External Resources

Here are some essential CDE resource pages.


This is the homepage of the California Department of Education's CALPADS resource page.

CALPADS Flash Communications and more

This page contains communications related to CALPADS including flash communications, system updates, correspondence, and newsletters.

CALPADS Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS).


List of frequently asked questions for CALPADS.

Race and Ethnicity FAQ

Lists frequently asked questions for Federal Standards for Collecting and Reporting Race and Ethnicity Categories.

CDE School Directory

The California School Directory (Directory) contains information about California public schools, private schools (including nonpublic nonsectarian schools), school districts, and county offices of education.

Support Information

Remember, the CALPADS Service Desk is here to assist you any step of the way. Please contact us if you need help getting oriented with CALPADS.