Updating User Profile

Users have the ability to self-update the following profile information.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Default Organization upon log in
  • Reset Password

Steps in updating the User Profile information

Step 1. Log in to CALPADS.

IMAGE of CALPADS log in screen

Step 2. Click on User Menu located at the upper right corner of CALPADS.

IMAGE showing location of User Menu

Step 3. Click on Profile.

IMAGE showing user menu options profile, change password help

Step 4. Edit profile details and then click on Save.

IMAGE showing manage user profile modal where to update user info option from user menu is selected

Note: The default organization will only be active if the user account is associated to multiple LEAs/ schools.

NOTE: From the same User Menu sections, users can also proactively reset their passwords before it expires.

IMAGE showing change password modal if change password option from user menu is selected.