Replacement SSIDs Extract

An LEA may request an extract of the retired SSIDs in the CALPADS ODS through the CALPADS portal. CALPADS will create the extract file according to the user’s specified selection criteria.

Record Layout

The file will contain a list of retired SSIDs and limited information based on the selected filter criteria defined by the LEA. CALPADS will extract the retired SSIDs associated with the students actively enrolled in the LEA. The content of the Replacement SSIDs Extract file is listed in the table below.

Replacement SSIDs Extract Record Layout

# CALPADS File Element Max Length Business Rule
1   Reporting LEA 7 This will default to the institution identifier of the User ID. May not be blank.
2   Last Known School of Attendance 7 The 7 digit code associated with the student’s last known school of attendance.
3   Last known Local Student ID 16 The student’s last known Local Identifier associated with the enrollment.
4   Retired SSID 10 The retired SSID for the student.
5   Replacement SSID 10 The replacement SSID for the student.

File Format

The extract file created will be in caret delimited format. The structure of the file will conform to the order and data type listed in the previous section. The date formats will follow the same formats required for the CALPADS File Formats (Format: CCYYMMDD, e.g. 20081025).

File Transmission

An LEA may request a Replacement SSID Extract file for a record type through the CALPADS portal. The Replacement SSID Extract function will allow an authorized user to specify selection criteria where applicable and request a file be created by the CALPADS application. The generated file will be available for download through CALPADS. The file will not be transmitted via email.

Request and Download Process

The image below depicts the process in requesting and downloading the file extract.

Replacement SSID Extract process

Rejected Record extract sProcedure procedure

Number 1 Click on Extracts link from the Left Navigation menu.

Number 2 Locate and click the Replacement SSIDS option from the request CALPADS file buttons

Number 3 Select specific school/s or leave it blank to include ALL schools.

Number 4 Select date range to include.

Number 5 Name the extract file request (optional)

Number 6 Click on the Request File button to execute the request.

Number 7 Under Submitted Extracts, locate the your file request and click on Download once the requested file is ready.

Replacement SSID Extract process