SPED0385F1 Error

Invalid Student Age for Agency Representative IEP Participation Code

Submission: Fall1
Status: Active
Severity: Fatal
Error Type: CDD



If Agency Representative IEP Participation Code is populated, then student must be at least 13 years old.


  • 02.18 - Student Birth Date
  • 14.21 - Special Education Meeting Date
  • 14.25 - Education Plan Amendment Date
  • 14.43 - Agency Representative IEP Participation Code


Understanding the Error:

Agency Representative IEP Participation Code cannot be populated for students younger than 13 years or older than 22 years. The field should be left blank for ineligible students. Fall 1: also confirms that Education Plan Amendment Date or Special Education Meeting Date is between No Show From Date and Report Through Date and the SPED record is most recent SPED record prior to Census day and the student is enrolled at same Reporting LEA on Census Day before checking for other criteria.

Suggested Resolution:

Verify the student’s birthdate in the CALPADS ODS student demographic record. If the age is correct, remove the Agency Representative IEP Participation Code in the SPED record identified in the error. If the age is incorrect, update the birthdate in the student’s demographics record (student's age must be between 13 - 22 years old).

Note: Amendment Date Student Age is used if Education Plan Amendment Date (Field 14.25) is populated. If not populated, then Meeting Date (Field 14.21 )Student Age is used.

*see CALPADS Glossary: Amendment Date Student Age, Students with Disabilities (https://documentation.calpads.org/Glossary/GlossaryMain/)




4/2022 - Added 14.21 to fields validated as part of File Submission project review.

1/2020 - updated suggested resolution to include upper age limit.

10/2019 - updated Student Age to 13yrs.

10/2022 - added from "SPED0385" and modified to "SPED0385F1"

1/2023 - updated suggested resolution to note most recent SPED records prior to Census Date is used.



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