Report 0.5 Student Course Section Submission Error Report

Description: Lists errors found in SCSE and SCSC file types submitted via batch. Filters allow review of the errors in a variety of different ways. Includes all records submitted that failed validation in the Staging process.

Report Type: Submission

Data As Of: N/A

Report Filters: Filters can be selected to narrow report results.

  • LEA
  • Submitter
  • Record Type
  • JOB ID
  • School
  • Error Severity
  • Error Code
  • Academic Term
  • SSID
  • Local ID

Report Logic

Submission Report 0.4

Column Report Field Business Rule
1 Local Course ID LEA-assigned number for the course
2 Course Section ID Number identifying the specific section of a course
3 Local Record ID LEA assigned identification number for the course section listed.
4 Student Name Concatenated Last Name, First Name Middle Name
5 SSID This is statewide student identifier for the student.
6 School of Course Delivery School Name – School ID
7 Academic Term Display term code
8 Error Code Code indicating the type of error encountered.
9 Error Description Brief narrative describing the error
10 Field Name Name of the field causing the error
11 Field Value The actual data contained in the field causing the error
12 Error Severity All, Fatal, Warning

User Roles for Access

  • SCSE Edit