Report 0.1 Student Submission Error Report

Description: Lists errors found in Student record file types (SENR, SELA, SPRG, SWAV, SDIS, SCTE, STAS) submitted via batch. Filters allow review of the errors in a variety of different ways. Includes all records submitted that failed validation in the Staging process.

Report Type: Submission

Data As Of: N/A

Report Filters: Filters can be selected to narrow report results.

  • Record Type
  • Submitter
  • JOB ID
  • LEA
  • School
  • Error Code
  • Local Student ID
  • Error Severity
  • SSID

Report Logic

Report 0.1

Column Report Field Business Rule
1 Student Name Concatenated Last Name, First Name Middle Name
3 Local Student ID LEA assigned identification number for the student listed.
4 Local Record ID
5 School of Attendance
6 Error Code
7 Error Description
8 Field Name The name of the field in error.
9 Field Value The value entered that made the field erroneous.
10 Error Severity All; Fatal, or Warning

User Roles for Access

  • SENR Edit
  • SELA Edit
  • SPRG Edit
  • SDIS Edit
  • SCTE Edit
  • STAS Edit