Report 0.0 Candidate List Report

Description: Lists potential matching existing SSIDs for SENR records submitted without an SSID – used for offline research to determine which SSID to assign to a student. Includes all SENR records submitted in a file that passes validation and other Students with matching demographics from the ODS

Report Type: Submission

Data As Of: N/A

Report Filters: Filters can be selected resulting in only totals for the selected filter being displayed – legend on bottom of last page of report states which filter/s were selected

  • LEA
  • School
  • Submitter
  • Disposition
  • JOB ID
  • Match Status

Report Logic

Report 0.0

Column Report Field Business Rule
1 Disposition One of All, Ready, Selected, Posted, Canceled.
2 Student Name Concatenated Last Name, First Name Middle Name
3 Match Stat One of Single match, Multiple Match or No Match – indicator of how many existing students match the incoming SENR.
For candidate matches the score (from 0 to 100) indicating how closely the two students match demographics.
4 Local ID LEA assigned identification number for the student listed.
5 Gender M/F
6 Birth Date Mm/dd/yyyy
7 Birth Country Abbreviation of the country in which the student was born.
8 Birth State Abbreviation of the state or province in which the student was born
9 Language The language primarily spoken in the student’s home (code value)
10 Grade Level
11 Reporting LEA
12 School of Attendance
13 School Start Date
14 School Exit Date

User Roles for Access

  • SENR Edit