Report 3.6: Course Section Enrollment – Count by Content Area

(Updated as of 01/14/2022)

Description: Reports the course sections of each Local Course within a State Course Code and the number of students enrolled in each local course as of the Fall 2 Report Period. Also reports details about all courses by State Course Code and identified local courses mapped to the state code.

Security Roles: Fall 2 Reports

Report Type: ODS and Snapshot / Certification (Fall 2)

Data As Of:

  • If ODS version, user defined
  • If Snapshot version, Fall 2 Census Day (First Wednesday in October)

Basic selection criteria:

Students Included: Students with an open enrollment on the “Data As Of” date, where the Enrollment Status equals 10 (Primary), 20 (Secondary) or 30 (Short Term) and is in Grade Levels KN – 12.

Course Data Rules:

  • Course Section (CRSE) data and Student Course Section (SCSE) data are selected for the Academic Year being reported.
  • Course section with 0 enrollment: Not included
  • Course section with SEID = 9999999999: Included

Report Filters: Filters can be selected resulting in only totals for the selected filter being displayed – legend on bottom of last page of report states which filter/s were selected

  • Academic Year
  • LEA
  • Status – (Snapshot)
  • School Type
  • School
  • Grade
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity/Race
  • Content Area
  • State Course Code
  • Course Content Area Subcategory
  • Education Service
  • CTE Course
  • UC/CSU Approved Course

Report Logic

Report 3.6

Column Rules
1 School code is derived from user ID permission and Expected Schools table
2 School Name is determined by #1 and the Expected Schools Table.
3 Use CRS‐State Course Code (9.07) to look‐up value in Course Group Master Combos document, Valid Code Combo sheet/tab, to derive corresponding Content Area code and name.
See the Content Area Category Assignment Code column on the Course Group Master Combos tab of the CALPADS Valid Code Combinations
Links to Report 3.7: Course Section Enrollment - Count and Details
4 CRSE Field 9.07 - Displays name of each State Course Code with student enrollment.
5 CRSE Field 9.28 – Displays the Course Content Area Subcategory
6 CRSE Field 9.14 – Displays Course Section ID
7 CRSE Field 9.08 and CRSE Field 9.09 – Displays Local Course ID and Course name.
8 # of Course Sections – Count of Course Section ID
9 # of Students Enrolled – Total count of students in each Course Section ID