Report 2.1: Title lll Eligible Immigrants – Count (Fall1)

(Updated as of 10/6/2021)

Description: Reports the total number of enrolled Title III Eligible Immigrants by School as of the Fall 1 Census Day. Only students with an Enrollment Status of Primary are included.

Report Type: Snapshot/Certification (Fall 1)

Security Roles: Fall 1 Reports Role

Data As Of:

  • If Snapshot version only, Fall 1 Census Day (First Wednesday in October)

Basic Select Criteria

  • Student must have an open, primary enrollment (SENR) record within LEA as of Fall 1 Census Day (first Wednesday in October) with grade level = PS, KN, 01-12, UE and US (UE & US grade levels retired beginning 2018/2019 academic year)
  • Must have a SINF record that wholly or in part overlaps a qualified enrollment
  • Using the student’s birthdate, the age must be from 3-21 (inclusive)
    - Student Age is calculated using the current date for current year processing. For prior year processing the date of census day for the selected prior year is used

  • Title III Eligible Immigrant:
    - Enrolled in US School Less Than Three Cumulative Years Indicator (Field 2.46) = Y
    - Student Birth Country Code (Field 2.22) not = United States or Puerto Rico
    - Student Age* = 3-21 (inclusive) using Student Birthdate (Field 2.18)
    - Grade Level Code (Field 1.25) Not = AD

Report Logic

Report 2.1: Title III Eligible Immigrants – Count

Column Rules
1 School code is derived from user ID permission and Expected Schools table
2 School Name is determined by #1 and the Expected Schools Table School Name column leads to Report: 2.2 – Title III Eligible Immigrants – Count by Birth Country
3 SENR 1.24 – Enrollment Status Code equals 10 (Primary) and SENR 1.25 – Grade Level code does not equal AD and SINF 2.18 – Student Birth Date totals Age 3 to 21 and SINF 2.22 – Student Birth Country Code does not equal US or PR and SINF 2.46 – Enrolled in US School less than 3 cumulative years indicator = Y

Glossary References:

Title III Eligible Immigrants Subgroup,

Census Day,

Open Enrollment