The new version of the data extracted for an LEA is referred to as a revision. There are differences between a Snapshot and a Revision. A snapshot identifies the data stored within CALPADS for a specific submission certification cycle and a revision is a version of that data within the snapshot that has a specific data and timestamp within that certification cycle. See below for more on revisions.

A revision has the following characteristics:

  • Revisions capture information for an open collection window (submission Fall1, Fall 2, etc.). Revisions are no longer generated when the amendment window ends for a submission

  • Revisions are a representation of data for a specific date and time available for an LEA within an Academic Year.

  • Revisions are generated continuously based upon changes within the ODS database within the defined Snapshot Collection window.

  • Snapshot reports are created based upon information available within a revision.

  • The data within the revisions meet specific criteria (LEA, Academic Year, etc).