Open Enrollment

An open enrollment is a student school enrollment that has not been exited as of a specified point in time. The last possible enrollment date in a student's enrollment is the date on which the exit is posted.

For a date range (e.g., Report Period), the specified date equals any date within the From and Through dates (inclusive) of the date range. If the enrollment is considered open for any of the dates within the date range, the enrollment is considered an Open Enrollment for the date range.

If a student is exited with Student Exit Reason Code = N470 (NoShowOther), the enrollment is not considered Open. The student never enrolled. This exit category is posted for those who were pre-enrolled (i.e. Start Date posted) but never attended the school. Posting the Other No Show exit prevents the student from being considered in enrollment at the school. The N470 No Show exit must be posted on the Student School Start Date or one day prior to the Student School Start Date.