English Learner Education Services

An English Learner Education Service is an education service provided to an English Learner that is delivered through a course section. A student is receiving an EL Education Service if the student has a Student Course Section record associated with (i.e. same Course Section ID as) a Course Section record (i.e. Local Course ID) where Education Service Code (Field 9.20) is not null. If a student is receiving only one EL Service at a school, the student is counted in that service. If a student does not have an Education Program Code reported, the student is included in the "Education Service Code Missing" count.

Multiple English Learner Services Report Hierarchy

When counting English Learner Education Services (EL Services) for Teachers the following rules below are employed.

Primary Language Instruction and ELD Instruction and/or SDAIE Instruction

ELD Instruction Only

SDAIE Instruction Only

ELD Instruction and SDAIE Instruction But Not Primary Language Instruction

Other Services Reported











Multiple Combination English Learner Services


If 1 AND (2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6); then count student as 1.


If 4 AND (2 or 3 or 5 or 6) AND (<>1); then count student at 4.


If 2 AND 3 AND (<>1); then count student as 4.


If 2 AND (5 or 6); then count student as 2.


If 3 AND (5 or 6); then count student as 3.


If 5 AND 6; then count student as 6.