Educational Options

An "Educational Options" course is a course section that the LEA has designated as a distance learning course section, independent study course section, a course section with a California Partnership Academy funding source, an AVID Course, or an International Baccalaureate (IB) Course.

To be identified as an Educational Options course a course section must meet any of the the following criteria:

1) Distance Learning Indicator (Field 9.24) = Y OR 2) Independent Study Indicator (Field 9.23) = Y OR 3) Education Program Code Funding Source Code (Field 9.26) = 113 (California Partnership Academy) OR 4) State Course Code (Field 9.07) = AVID Course OR 5) State Course Code (Field 9.07) = International Baccalaureate (IB) Course

An "educational options" participant student is one who has completed one or more Educational Options Courses in the Report Period. Additionally, Educational Options participants include those students who are participating in the Opportunity or California Partnership Academy programs.

To be identified as an Educational Options Participant a student must meet the following criteria: * Student in Educational Options Course OR * Student with Student Program records (SPRG) where Education Program Code (Field 3.13) equals either 108 (Opportunity Program) or 113 (California Partnership Academy) And Education Program Membership Code (Field 3.14) = 3 (Participating)