Career Technical Education (CTE) Participant

A CTE participant is a student who has completed the equivalent of a conventional 50-minute class taken five times per week for 180 school days, or approximately 150 hours of instruction in a state-recognized CTE sequence or program.

A CTE participant falls into one of two groups:

  1. CTE Completers
  2. CTE Non-Completer Participant

The following data are used to meet federal Perkins reporting requirements:

CTE Non-Completer Participants

  • The CDE counts and reports all students completing CTE courses (courses with CTE State Course Codes 7000-8999) who have not been identified as completers as CTE non-completer participants, for federal Perkins reporting. These participants are counted by industry sector.
  • All CTE non-completer participants are also reported by the subgroups required for federal Perkins reporting using the student demographic and program data already maintained in CALPADS.

CTE Completers

  • From the CTE Pathway and CTE Pathway Completer student information, the CDE aggregates the pathway counts for completers into the federal Perkins reporting categories (California’s CTE pathways roll up into the federal CTE industry sectors). A mapping of California’s CTE pathways with the federal CTE industry sectors can be found in the CALPADS Valid Code Combinations document (within the tab labeled “CTE Pathway - CTE Industry Sect”).

The CDE also reports the CTE completers by the various subgroups required for federal Perkins reporting using student demographic data already maintained in CALPADS.