Career Technical Education (CTE) Concentrator (Retired)

A CTE concentrator is identified locally and is a student who has completed 50 percent of a planned program sequence (in hours or credits) in a state-recognized CTE sequence and is enrolled in the next course in that sequence, or has completed 50 percent of a single state-recognized multi-hour course and is enrolled in the second half of that course.

To be identified as a CTE Concentrator, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrollment Status Code (Field 1.24) = 10 (Primary) or 20 (Secondary) or 30 (Short-Term Enrollment)
  • Enrollment Period (Student School Start Date (Field 1.23) through Student School Exit Date (Field 1.26)) at the School of Attendance overlaps the Reporting Year of the SCTE that includes a CTE Pathway Code (Field 11.13)
  • Grade Level Code (Field 2.32) = 07-12, US
  • CTE Pathway Completion Academic Year ID is null
  • Student has a SCSC record associated with a CRSC record where State Course Code is a CTE Course.