Cohort, English Learner

A student with an English Language Acquisition Status = EL at any point during the cohort period. A student cannot be EL if their home language is English or sign language.

Identify SSID inclusion using below:

English Language Acquisition Status Code: EL


Primary Language: NOT Equal to English (00), American Sign Language (37)


ELA record overlaps an SENR Cohort Transaction record (i.e. ELA Status Start Date <= Enrollment Exit Date and derived ELA Status End date* >= Enrollment Start Date)


ELA record overlaps Cohort Period (i.e. ELA Status Start Date <= Cohort End Date and derived ELA Status End date* >= Cohort Start Date)

*ELA Status End date = Day before next subsequent ELA status start Date, if no subsequent ELA status Start date then null ELA status End date. In cases where more than one SELA record for the same student has the same ELA status start date, use only the top record when sorted in ascending order by English Language Acquisition Status Code, ELA status Key in ascending order. The remaining duplicate records are disregarded.

Note: Primary Language is only used when determining if an EL record is EL and is not used when deriving an ELA status End Date.