Students with Disabilities

This subgroup of students includes student participating in the Special Education program.

To be included in the subgroup, should meet the following conditions:

SPED Education Plan Type (Field 14.24) = 100 (IEP/IFP), 150 (IFSP), or 200 (ISP),


(Plan Set Start Date <= Reporting Period End Date and either ((Plan Set has no End date) or (Plan Set Exit Date >= Reporting Period Start Date)))


Education Plan Type (Field 14.24) = 700 (Eligible, no ed plan, parent declined), or 800 (Eligible- no education plan (other reasons)

Prior to 2019-20:

Identify SSID using: Source: Student Program Education Program Code (Field 3.13) = 144 (Special Education) AND Education Program Membership Code (Field 3.14) = 1 or 3 (Eligible or Participating)

When used as an NCLB Subgroup, Enrollment Status Code (Field 1.24) must = 10 (Primary)