Special Education Program Eligible

This subgroup of students includes students who are eligible for, or participating in the Special Education program.

To be included in the subgroup, the should meet the following conditions:

SPED Education Plan Type (Field 14.24) = 100 (IEP/IFP), 150 (IFSP), or 200 (ISP),


SPED (Plan Set Start Date <= Reporting Period End Date and either ((Plan Set has no End date) or (Plan Set Exit Date >= Reporting Period Start Date)))

Prior to 2019-20:

Identify SSID using:

Source: Student Program Education Program Code (Field 3.13) = 144 (Special Education) AND Education Program Membership Code (Field 3.14) = 1 or 3 (Eligible or Participating)

When used as an NCLB Subgroup, Enrollment Status Code (Field 1.24) must = 10 (Primary)