Plan Set


Plan Set is used for the purposes of validations and qualified data for SPED reports. Plan Set identifies a set of SPED records associated with the same student and same Special Education Plan Type. Because a student may move in and out of the SPED program (with the same plan type) throughout their education, Plan Set definition is needed to identify a group of records associated with a particular instance of a plan (Plan type 100, 150, or 200).

Below are the characteristic of a Plan Set:

1) Within one Plan Set, there must be an initial Meeting (For plan 100, 200, the meeting type = 10)(For Plan 150, meeting type = 15) (with exception of the initial 2019/2020 implementation year where first annual or triennial records initialize the plan set)

2) One Plan Set may contain one or more annual and triennial meetings.

3) Within one Plan Set, only one record may exist with a SPED program exit date.

4) A student may belong to more than one Plan Set.

5) A student's records across SELPAs and LEAs and Academic Years may belong to the same Plan Set.

6) A student can not belong to two active plan sets.

7) Any subsequent SPED record following a SPED program exit date belongs to a new Plan Set.

Note: Historical data will not be loaded into CALPADS. During the first year of SPED, plan sets will begin with first annual or triennial records submitted to the system for a student. Two annual records cannot be submitted to the system during the first year for the same student with different plan types unless an exit date is submitted for the first annual record

Business Rules

A group of SPED records with the same SSID and Plan Type where Education Plan Type = 100, 150, or 200 will be assigned to a Plan Set. Plan Set begins with an Initial Meeting and is considered "active" until an associated SPED record (any record with the same SSID and Education Plan) with an exit date is submitted.

The Start Date for a particular Plan Set is the meeting Date of the Initial Meeting SPED record (i.e., a SPED record where (Meeting Type = 10 and Education Plan Type = 100 or 200 ) or (Meeting Type = 15 and Education Plan Type = 150) AND amendment Date is NULL) and the Plan Set End Date is the SPED exit date from the Exit SPED record (i.e., a SPED record with a Special Education Program Exit Date).

In cases where the student has been in the SPED program longer than SPED has been implemented in CALPADS, then the plan start date is the meeting date of the very first SPED record of the student if the first record has a meeting type of annual (20) or triennial (40).

Below are the following rules identifying a new Plan Set or Assigning new records to existing Plan Set:

Identifying a new Plan Set:

A) Only during 2019-20 academic year: First SPED record for student in CALPADS and SPED record has meeting type = 20 (annual) or 40 (triennial). This is only for first ever plan sets but any subsequent Plan set must follow B).

B) A new Plan Set is identified when: an Initial Meeting SPED record is submitted and either:

  • a) all other Plan Sets for the Student are not active (i.e., Exit SPED Records have been submitted for existing Plan Sets) OR
  • b) the student does not yet have a Plan Set OR
  • c) [For Historical Records] the meeting date in the initial meeting SPED record is prior to any existing "active" Plan Sets and an associated Exit SPED record is submitted in the same batch with an Exit Date prior to any existing Plan Set Start dates.

Note: Under this condition, the initial and exit records would be identified as the same new Plan Set. This prevents an SSID from having two "active" plan sets.

Assigning new records an existing Plan Set:

An existing Plan Set is assigned to:

a) Amended Initial SPED records (i.e., Initial Meeting SPED record where amendment date is populated),

b) Annual or amended Annual SPED records (i.e. Meeting type = 20), OR

c) Triennial or amended Triennial SPED records (i.e., Meeting Type = 40)

WHERE the Amendment Date (if populated) or Meeting Date (if Amendment date is null) in the record falls between an existing Plan Set Start Date and Plan Set End Date. If the Plan Set is "active" (i.e., doesn't yet have an Exit SPED record), then current date is used to determine with which Plan Set the records are associated).