Amendment Date Student Age, Students with Disabilities

This is the calculated age of the student using information in the SINF record and SPED records for purposes of validating various fields in the SPED and SSRV Files.

When validating amendable SPED fields (see below for fields that are amendable) or SSRV fields, Amendment Date Student Age is used if Education Plan Amendment Date (Field 14.25) is populated. If not populated, then Meeting Date Student Age is used. When validating non-amendable SPED fields, Meeting Date Student Age is used. See CALPADS Glossary Meeting Date Student Age, Students with Disabilities Amendable SPED fields:

1) Primary Residence Code (14.26)

2) Special Education Program Setting Code (14.31)

3) Preschool Program Setting Service Location Code (14.32)

4) Ten or More Weekly Hours in Setting Indicator (14.33)

5) General Education Participation Percentage Range Code (14.34)

6) IEP Includes Postsecondary Goals Indicator (14.36)

7) Postsecondary Goals Updated Annually Indicator (14.37)

8) Postsecondary Goals Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Indicator (14.38)

9) Transition Services in IEP Indicator (14.39)

10) Supportive Services Indicator (14.40)

11) Transition Services Goals in IEP Indicator (14.41)

12) Student IEP Participation Indicator (14.42)

13) Agency Representative IEP Participation Code (14.43)

14) Special Transportation Indicator (14.44)

Identify using: SINF, SPED, SSRV

Amendment Date Student Age equals Education Plan Amendment Date (SPED Field 14.25) (if populated) minus Student Birth Date (SINF Field 2.18) from most recent SINF (based on Effective Start [SINF Field 2.04] and Effective End Dates [SINF Field 2.05]) for the SSID .

Note: If the field being validated is from the SSRV file, then Student Special Education Meeting or Amendment Identifier (SSRV Field 15.12) is used to associate to the SPED file to retrieve the Special Education Meeting Date (SPED Field 14.21) or Education Plan Amendment Date (SPED Field 14.25)