Active Plan

An active plan is Plan Set with no Plan Set End Date

Plan Set begins with an Initial Meeting (or for 2019-20 first record if meeting type = annual or triennial) and is considered active until an associated SPED record (any record with the same SSID and Education Plan) with an exit date is submitted.

The Start Date for a particular Plan Set is the meeting Date of the Initial Meeting SPED record (i.e., a SPED record where (Meeting Type = 10 and Education Plan Type = 100 or 200 ) or (Meeting Type = 15 and Education Plan Type = 150) AND amendment Date is NULL) (or for 2019-20 the meeting date of the first record for the student in the system is where meeting type = 20 annual or 40 triennial) and the Plan Set End Date is the SPED exit date from the Exit SPED record (i.e., a SPED record with a Special Education Program Exit Date).