Title III Eligible Immigrants Subgroup

This accountability subgroup includes students who (a) are aged three through twenty-one; (b) are enrolled in any public or private elementary or secondary school; (c) were not born in any of the 50 United States (including Washington, D.C.), or Puerto Rico; and (d) have not been attending any one or more schools in the United States for more than three full school years cumulative. To be reported as an Eligible Immigrant in CALPADS, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in US School Less Than Three Cumulative Years Indicator = Y
  • Student Birth Country Code not = US (United States) or Puerto Rico
  • Enrollment Status Code = 10 (Primary)
  • Student Age* = 3-21 (inclusive)
  • Grade Level Code not = AD (Adult)

Note: Student Age is calculated using the current date for current year processing. For prior year processing the date of census day for the selected prior year is used.