Report 17.3 - SELPA Postsecondary Survey Outcome for SWDs - Count

Updated as of 5/11/2021

Description: Reports the total number of students with disabilities identified in the Postsecondary (PSTS) survey outcome.

Report Type: Snapshot / Certification (EOY 4)

Data As Of:

  • Snapshot version EOY 4: July 1 - June 30 of reporting year

Basic selection criteria:

Students Included: Students with a qualifying Postsecondary Status (PSTS) record, qualifying enrollment, and are a qualifying age

  • Qualifying PSTS Record:

    • Education Program Participation Code = Special Education (30) in the selected Academic Year at the Reporting LEA
  • Qualifying Enrollment:

    • Enrollment at the Reporting LEA overlapping the Fall 1 Graduate From Date to the Graduate Through Date of the prior year from the selected Academic Year (e.g., if PSTS AY = 2020-2021, then Fall 1 Graduate From/Through Date would be 8/16/2019 – 8/15/2020)
    • Enrollment Status Code = Primary Enrollment (10), Secondary Enrollment (20), Short-Term Enrollment (30)
  • Student Information (SINF), Student Program (SPRG) and Student English Language Acquisition (SELA) and Foster Youth data used for selecting student subgroups (e.g. Race/Ethnicity, Homeless, EL, etc.) are selected from the most recent record that overlaps the qualifying enrollment

Report Filters: Filters can be selected resulting in only totals for the selected filter being displayed – legend on bottom of last page of report states which filter/s were selected

  • Academic Year
  • LEA
  • Status
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity/Race
  • Socio-Economically Disadvantaged
  • English Learner
  • Homeless Program Eligible
  • Foster
  • Armed Forces Family Member
  • Title I Part C Migrant
  • Postsecondary Status

Report Logic

Report 17.3 - SELPA Postsecondary Survey Outcome for SWDs - Count

Column Rules
1 PSTS Field 17.04 Reporting LEA
2 LEA Name: Use data element name from CALPADS Security Model
3 Revision ID – Unique ID created by CALPADS to differentiate each revision
4 Revision Date – Date/time revision was created
5 PSTS Field 17.12 Postsecondary Status Code
6 Total Count – calculation: Total number of unduplicated SSIDs for the Report Period (i.e., Academic Year) with the corresponding Postsecondary Status Code

Note: SELPA Total & LEA Total rows – total SSID by unduplicated Postsecondary Status

User Roles for Access:

PSTS for SPED Students Edit

PSTS for SPED Students View

PSTS for SPED Students View Reports role

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